The FL6606S is an integrated USB PowerDelivery 3.0 protocol controller. It complies with for  HUAWEI Fast Charging Protocol (FCP), Super Charging Protocol(SCP) , ACF Protocol and Qualcomm Quick Charge2.0/3.0/3+technologies designed for USB Type-C source side charging applications as power adapter, wall chargers,power strip and etc.

● USB PD 3.0 Certification, TID:3768
● Supports USB Type-C and USB PD 3.0
-- 5V to 20V VBUS Source Only
-- CC1/CC2 Source Terminator 3A
-- Supports PDO Selectable Function
● Supports HUAWEI FCP and SCP
Supports USB DCP Shorting D+Line to D−Lineper USB Battery Charging Specification,Revision 1.2
●Supports Qualcomm®Quick Charge TM 2.0/3.0/3+

●Supports USB DCP Applying 2.7V on D+Line and 2.7V on D− Line

Constant-Voltage and Constant-Current Control
Multi-Ports Control (MPC) Application
Power Reduction Function for Multi-Ports
Over-Voltage Protection
VBUS Discharge Function
Over-Current Protection
●CPC-16L  Packages




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