台湾方晶科技 FL431-A,封装SOT-23

The FL431A is a three-terminal adjustable regulator series with a guaranteed thermal stability over applicable temperature ranges. The
output voltage may be set to any value between Vref (approximately 2.5 volts) and 40 volts with two external resistors. These devices have a typical
dynamic output impedance of 0.3 W. Active output circuitry provides a very sharp turn-on characteristic, making these devices excellent
replacement for zener diodes in many applications.

· Programmable Output Voltage to 40V
· Low Dynamic Output Impedance 0.27W (Typ)
· Sink Current Capability of 0.1 mA to 100 mA
· Equivalent Full-Range Temperature Coefficient of 50 ppm/oC
· Temperature Compensated for Operation over Full Rated
Operating Temperature Range
· Low Output Noise Voltage
· Fast Turn on Respons
· TO-92, SOP- 8, SOT-89 or SOT-23-3 packages
· Electrostatic Discharge Voltage 2KV




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